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Are you seeking a one stop solution for your drone battery problems?

Are you tired of spending on expensive LiPo batteries? Or worried about the safety of your current batteries? Look no further than mPower lithium-ion batteries.

First of all, mPower batteries offer a higher energy density than Li-Po batteries, meaning they can store more energy per unit of weight or volume and are ideal for agri-spraying drones and
delivery drones.

Secondly, mPower Li-ion batteries have a longer cycle life than Li-Po batteries, which means they can be recharged more times before their capacity starts to degrade. This makes them a better choice for frequent drone use. In fact, mPower 21,000 mAh can offer 400-430 sprays of 10-liter pesticide drones compared to a LiPo battery of 16,000 mAh offering only 250 sprays.

Thirdly, mPower Li-ion batteries are generally considered to be safer than Li-Po batteries because they are less prone to swelling, overheating, and catching fire. This is because mPower Li-ion batteries use a more stable electrolyte and are less susceptible to thermal runaway.

Plus, mPower offers 20x faster delivery than the imported LiPo batteries, making sure you can get your hands on your new batteries in a timely manner.

Drone OEMs using mPower as their battery supplier can avail the INR. 120 Crore PLI scheme, whereas using imported batteries deprives you of this benefit.

In terms of aftermarket sales, mPower has created a single point gateway for all aftermarket orders, meaning drone OEMs can expect to make a significant profit from these sales. And for customization, mPower offers the possibility of unique battery designs that can establish a
drone's market differentiation, whereas imported once only offers standard batteries.

Finally, for smart batteries with state of charge, state of health, residual life, and performance statistics, mPower offers Battery Management Systems, that the LiPo equivalent does not.

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