Welcome to mPower’s dealership hall. We are excited to extend our network of dealers across India.

Our Indian government's initiative in Kisan drone would increase the drone segment exponentially in the coming years. The drone battery segment is even bigger than the drone segment itself since

  • An agri-drone will consume 10L worth of batteries in a year. Which makes it a lucrative and profitable business.
  • The demand for drone batteries is consistent, making it a repetitive business.
  • As there is an ever increasing use of drones, there is a high demand for sustainable energy sources and drone batteries offer that sustainable energy for their flights.
  • With the increasing trend of usage of drones in agriculture, it’s a predictable and scale able business.

Ample support provided for our dealers, including technical knowledge, running the business profitably, modelling the business, providing customer support, and transferring leads pertaining to any of your other products or services.

To become our dealer, we have certain expectations

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in agribusiness in a particular geographical area
  • The business should involve either selling of tractors, knap sacks, tractors, pesticide or fertilizers, batteries for vehicles, other agri-industry related equipment or service oriented
  • Ready to invest in a minimum set of batteries depending on the market you are serving.

If you have met the expectations and willing to become a mPower dealer

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