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How to safely dispose used drone batteries

Drones are used in several ways from spraying pesticides over crops to delivering goods. Usage of drones is bound to increase rapidly in India and so will be usage of drone batteries. These batteries if not disposed of properly can pose environmental hazard which may accelerate to health hazard. Drone batteries contain chemicals which are toxic when come in contact directly. Lithium ion batteries are the most commonly used in drones due to their performance efficiency over other battery chemistries.

We at mPower have pledged to dispose and recycle used drone batteries responsibly. We believe that a smart future cannot be build without sustainability as its foundation. As much as we put in our passion in manufacturing premium quality lihitum ion drone batteries for our drone users. We take absolute responsibility in keeping the earth green. Likewise we also seek the same with our battery consumers.

You can safely dispose the drone batteries in one of the following ways.

1.Local recycling centers to accept used lithium-ion drone batteries
We have roped up with few recycling centres across nation. Return your used
lithium ion drone batteries to those centres.

2.Contact the manufacturer
We, at Magnipower Lithium Private Limited, accept our used lithium ion drone
batteries from our customers directly. We provide sustainable clean solutions for our battery users.

3.Other battery recycling groups
India has e-waste recycling groups, especially battery recycling units. Groups such as Attero Recycling, Gravita India, Ziptrax clean tech, ACE recycling. These are some of the popular groups engaged in EV batteries recycling.

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