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5 reasons to choose mPower battery for your Agri-spraying drone

We design and manufacture high quality drone batteries that give exceptional performance than any other battery including popular LiPo batteries in the market. Here are the 5 reasons why mPower batteries can be a clear choice for your drones.

1.40% more tanks sprayed

The mPower 6S 25200 mAh high endurance agri battery packs sprays up to 40% more tanks than its LiPo competitors. It costs around Rs. 100 per tank to spray, which leaves service providers with higher earnings.

2.BIS Certified Batteries

mPower has 28 models of batteries that are BIS Certified, which is the highest in the drone industry as of date. Unlike LiPo batteries, the mPower batteries do not bulge. They perform significantly better.

3.Shipped in 2 days

You don’t want a situation when you run out of batteries and a replacement battery takes 30-40 days. mPower ships in 2 business days.

4. Configurable

Imported Chinese batteries cannot be configured to the needs of drone manufacturers. mPower works with manufacturers to redesign the battery to meet their needs.


Here’s the great news. Our agri-battery packs can be used on almost all models of 10L, 12L and 16L agri fertilizer/Pesticide spraying drones. Just make sure you order with the right connector.

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