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mPower Batteries in Tropogo MarketPlace

Tropogo MarketPlace


mPower lithium pvt limited, an Indian company that manufactures batteries for drones launched their signature battery models on an e-commerce platform Tropogo, dedicated for Agricultural Spraying drones on 11th March 2023. The battery models 6S 16800mAh, 6S 21000mAh, and 6S 25200mAh are specifically designed for Agricultural Spraying Drones to have 35% greater life cycle, 1.5x more performance and best price when compared to their equivalent LiPo batteries. These batteries are designed by Indian Scientists and have BIS Certification for our farmers to save more on their drone battery expenditure and young entrepreneurs in rural areas investing in agri tech startups. mPower’s BIS certified batteries are a force to reckon with. They are manufactured using the highest quality lithium cells in the world and come with a 6 month warranty period. They are compatible with all the popular drone models in India. They can be shipped to your address anywhere in India in 48hrs or less after the order is placed.

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