Surveillance and Survey drone batteries at their best

6S 4200 mAh to 6S 25000 mAh | 6S 3400 mAh to 6S 34000 mAh

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Batteries powering VTOLs and Multicopters.

  • + light weight lithium-ion and solid-state batteries
  • + solid performance at minus 20 °C
  • + endurance at 18000’
  • + for micro, small and medium drones
  • + will support TC with BIS-certified batteries
  • + customized to OEM specifications
  • + volume pricing available

mPower works with several drone OEMs on surveillance VTOLs for 180 or 120 minutes meeting the form, fit and functions of the drones. Using premium-quality cells and a world-class manufacturing process, we offer one of the best batteries in the world. Light weight and yet powerful, mPower creates battery packs for surveillance quads carrying heavier thermal cameras.

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