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How Does the Namo Drone Didi Scheme Turn Out to be a Win-Win for Women and Farmers?

How Does the Namo Drone Didi Scheme Turn Out to be a Win-Win for Women and Farmers


Recently, on 11 March 2024, the Narendra Modi government distributed 1000 drones to Namo Drone Didis from across the country across 10 locations. PM Modi stated that Nari Shakti can lead to the technological revolution of India in the 21st century. On 30 November 2023, PM announced the Namo Drone Didi scheme for Indian rural women to empower them.

The scheme aims to revolutionize the process of farming through agriculture. In the past few years, various technologies have disrupted the Indian agriculture system. Drone technology is a new addition that can boost the farmer's productivity and modernize agriculture's best practices. Additionally, it will reduce the physical hardship for farmers and mitigate the physical strain associated with farming.

Know About the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme 2024

The NAMO Drone Didi Scheme seeks to empower women by providing them with access to cutting-edge drone technology and comprehensive training. The scheme's objective is to enable women from SHGs to become financially independent and support their livelihoods. Over a period of three years, the government plans to provide 15,000 drones to women's SHGs. This will enable them to actively engage in various agricultural activities.

This initiative will empower women and enhance the agricultural sector by increasing the use of drones. Drones have the potential to revolutionize agriculture by enabling precision farming, efficient crop monitoring, and reducing the environmental impact of traditional farming methods. By promoting the use of drones in agriculture, the scheme aims to strengthen the agricultural industry and promote sustainable practices.

How Does the Namo Drone Didi Scheme Empower Women and Farmers?

Empowering Rural Women

The scheme's primary objective is to empower women in rural areas by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to thrive economically. So, it will equip SHGs with agricultural drones, ensuring women can actively participate in farming activities, including crop spraying, precision agriculture, field mapping, and data collection. This not only enhances their livelihoods but also strengthens the rural economy.

Advancement in Agriculture Practice

With the use of these drones, farmers can now efficiently apply innovative liquid fertilizers like Nano Urea and DAP. This will ensure improved crop health and reduced environmental impact. This technological advancement is crucial for sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security in India.

Creating Employment Opportunities

The scheme will empower women and also create employment opportunities in rural areas. By supporting government initiatives for drone development, the scheme opens up avenues for women to participate in operational and maintenance jobs related to drones. Additionally, women can establish drone-related businesses, further contributing to economic growth and development.

Safety and Efficiency in Farming

Drones play a crucial role in making farming more efficient and safe. By replacing traditional methods of hand-held spraying of pesticides and fertilizers, drones reduce the risk associated with pesticide exposure and increase crop yield. Moreover, drones help in reducing operational costs, benefiting farmers and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

Opportunities for Start-Ups

The NAMO Drone Didi Scheme creates opportunities for women to participate in the dynamic start-up ecosystem. With the drone industry continuously evolving, women from SHGs can tap into the potential of the emerging sector and contribute to economic growth and innovation. This not only empowers women but also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Benefits of the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme

Drone Pilot Training For Women

The NAMO Drone Didi Scheme offers comprehensive drone pilot training provided to women from self-help groups. This training equips them with the necessary skills to pilot, operate, and maintain drones, including practical and theoretical knowledge. It also provides hands-on experience in using drones for various agricultural applications.

Drone Business For Women Farmers

The scheme provides an opportunity for women farmers to start drone-related businesses. With the provision of 15,000 drones over two years to women from self-help groups, there is immense potential for generating income through crop spraying, precision agriculture, field mapping, and data collection. This not only creates entrepreneurial opportunities but also enhances agricultural practices through the use of advanced technology.

Financial Incentives For SHGs

NAMO Drone Didi Scheme also offers financial incentives for self-help groups (SHGs) to set up businesses and cover the maintenance costs of drones. The government covers 80% of the drone cost, with SHGs contributing only 20%. Additionally, funding is available for advanced training and skill development in drone technology, further empowering women in rural areas.

The Bottom Line!

The government of India has been working towards popularizing drone technology in the country for various uses. Namo Drone Didi is one of the recent initiatives taken by the government of India to empower rural women and foster the usage of technology in agricultural practices. To make this successful, the Indian government has allocated 1250 crore of budget to distribute 15,000 drones over the period of three years.

On 11 March 2024, PM Modi started the distribution with 1000 drones. mPower is a drone battery provider that understands the impact of this scheme and supports the women from SHGs with its Lithium battery for drone. We provide the customized battery to Namo Drone Didi to ensure they can make the best out of this scheme. Namo Drone Didi has also understood the potential of our drone battery and 64% of Namo Drone Didi are using batteries provided by mPower.

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