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NAMO Drone Didi Scheme 2024: Application Process, Eligibility


NAMO Drone Didi Scheme 2024


The Government of India has taken various initiatives to be at the forefront of drone technology. NAMO Drone Didi Yojna is a unique scheme where Prime Minister Narendra Modi focuses on rural India and empowers women. This scheme will encourage women to become socially and economically independent. With this scheme, Narendra Modi's goal is to see two crore Lakhpati Didi in the rural areas. Women's self-help groups will get the technological resources under the NAMO Drone Didi scheme to become self-sufficient, establishing a new dimension of women's empowerment. In this blog, we will delve into the various aspects of the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme.

Understanding NAMO Drone Didi Scheme 2024

Empowered women help a nation become developed, and the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme serves the aim of empowering women's resources and training. The central government will provide 15,000 drones to women's Self-Help Groups (SHGs), enabling them to become financially independent and support their livelihoods. 

However, they will get the drone over three years. These schemes also increase the use of drones in the agriculture industry, strengthening it. Women of self-help groups can provide drones to the farmers on rent, aiding them in getting rid of under or over-spraying and protecting themselves from pesticides. In addition, women will also get training to fly the drone and generate employment opportunities.

Benefits of the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme

Drone Pilot Training For Women

This scheme emphasizes making women financially independent so women from self-help groups will get comprehensive drone training and access to technology. They will get training on piloting, operating, and maintenance, including practical and theoretical knowledge. Women will get the drone flying stimulation and hands-on experience in agricultural applications.

Drone Business For Women Farmers

Women from self-help groups will get 15,000 drones over two years, allowing them to generate money by offering rent. SHGs can establish various drone businesses leveraging these schemes, such as crop spraying, precision agriculture, field mapping, and data collection.

Done can be invaluable in crop spraying while applying pesticides and fertilizers, minimizing waste. This can help to increase crop health and reduce environmental impact. This enables the new aspect of farming by providing valuable insights about crops, leading to better resource management. In addition, women from self-help groups can have an opportunity in soil analysis, irrigation monitoring, and weed detection, enabling data-driven decisions.

Financial Incentives For SHGs

The government will help self-help groups set up businesses with financial aid and will also help with the maintenance costs of drones. Self-help groups only need to offer 20% of the drone cost, as the government will cover 80%. Moreover, the government will fund advanced training and skill development for women in drone technology. Ultimately, the government will support the SHGs in connecting with farmers to create a long business partnership and participate in enabling agriculture. For example, drones can be crucial equipment for innovative liquid fertilizers like Nano Urea.

Opportunities for Start-Ups

The drone industry is continuously evolving, and this scheme can pave the way for women to participate in the dynamic start-up ecosystem. Women from SHGs can unleash the untapped potential in the emerging sector that can aid in economic growth and innovation. 

Safety and Efficiency in Farming

This scheme fosters the usage of drones in agriculture, improving safety measures by replacing hazardous traditional methods. It can prevent the impact of pesticides and fertilizers on farmer health. This can increase the crop yield by reducing operation costs. In addition, this allows farmers to get rid of physical strain due to the traditional activity associated with farming. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only women can apply for this scheme.
  • Applicants should belong to a lower economic group.
  • Applicants should involve in agricultural activity

Required Documents

  • Applicant’s Aadhaar card
  • A passport-sized image
  • Account Passbook
  • PAN Card
  • Email address

How to Apply for the Scheme

The application process has not begun till further information and is in its early stage of development. The government is working on it and will announce its application process soon. However, it is vital to understand that this scheme is open to registered women self-help groups across India.

The selection process is unknown yet. It is expected that criteria might include technical capabilities, agricultural experience, and geographical factors.  

Follow these Steps to Prepare for the Application Process

Stay informed about this scheme by visiting the government's official website and authentic sources, like new channels. This will provide detailed information about the application process. Capitalize the time by working on your skills. Enroll yourself in an agricultural training program and enhance your capabilities in the field of drone technology. Connect with the agricultural and technological organizations to make the best out of this scheme.

The Bottom Line!

The Government of India is working towards incorporating drone technology into the country's ecosystem and also encouraging the setting up of new manufacturing units under the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme. NAMO Drone Didi Scheme is one of the latest initiatives taken by the government to empower women and overcome challenges in the agriculture sector. The PM has announced financial and resource support to women's self-help groups. For this, the government of India has allocated 1250 crore to provide the necessary equipment. So, apart from empowering women, this will lead to technological advancement in the agriculture sector. 

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